Manuela van der Horst

Learn how to use the power of your voice to be successful


"It takes the human voice to infuse them with the shades of deeper meaning."

Quote van Maya Angelou about the words we say

Voice branding 

Do you wish you had a voice that sounds more convincing, engaging and confident?
Do you doubt your ability to hold the attention?
Do you want to be seen a professional and struggle with projecting this with your voice?
Do you have a sore throat after speaking for quite a while?


From voice mystery to voice mastery. 
You will learn all the basic voice skills you need in your toolkit to take of.

In six sessions you will learn
- posture optimization for
- breath voice connection
- articulation and pitch
- mindset change to bring your message across 

You will gain self confidence to speak.

You will feel in control about your voice. 

Personal Voice Branding
There is never a second chance for your first impression.

Do you want your voice to reflect your expertise and personality?
In this training you will learn to brand your personality with your voice. 

In four sessions you will learn to 

- develop your authentic speaking style

- utilize melody to move your audience 

- utilize non verbal language to own the space 

After this training you feel like you have reinvented yourself. 
You will feel more present
You know how to be an eloquent speaker
You know how to apply melody to inspire, engage and connect. 

Basic voice control is needed for this course

openbare spreker
Leadership Voice
How do you project your leadership role with your whole voice, body and mind? Breathe it...
Your current position asks that your voice reflect your leadership role.
This training is developed for women in a (new) leadership position who want their voice to breathe leadership in a natural  authentic way.
This program covers the development of your leadership voice in six sessions.
After this training you know exactly how to utilize your voice to:
- engage and touch your audience
- strong 
- confident
- naturally authoritative.
You will feel a significant improvement in your performance over all in situations that matter.