Voicepower for Leadership 

Breathe it...

As an executive, recently promoted or with a long time tenure, you interact daily and your voice is an  important transmitter of your message. This training is developed for women who want their voice to breathe leadership & success in a natural way. 

VoicePower for Leadership

You know that the way your words are perceived is highly influenced by the sound of your voice.

You want to inspire and take your organization to the next level!

You want to share your knowledge in a way people want to join you in your mission. Breathe leadership with a confident and strong voice.

"What will I learn"?

- How to develop your unique leadership sound with resonance, pitch, and tempo

- Move from strained to relaxed which frees your leadership voice

- Improve your breathing technique as fuel for a strong sounding voice

- Develop your full resonance and utilize your VoicePower




6 sessies a 75 minutes