My Mission

I made it my mission to teach and coach women to find their voice and share their uniqueness with confidence, pride, and perform better.

Why your voice matter?

I want you to know that your voice is one of your greatest gifts to express 

When you are unseen, listeners can instantly recognize your voice.

A voice is special and unique. Why? Because your voice contains the whole DNA of you as a person.

There is only one person like you and one voice like yours.

Do you like the sound of your voice? When I look back most clients I have worked with didn't like the way they sound. Most of them come up with two or three things they would like to change in their voice. For example, they wished for a deeper sounding voice or a more melodious and entertaining voice.

You are born with the same voice toolkit like everybody else. Learning to control your voice quality can make the difference if you touch your audience in the way you desire or not.

There is a need to be heard in all of us, right?


Unfortunately, in general,  in primary school, you don't learn how to benefit the most from your voice.

But is never too late to improve your voice in the way you have always wished for. 



I love to listen to all voices. I literally hear beauty and talent in every single voice. Yes, I have my favorites too especially the voice of Morgan Freeman and the voice or Sia.

Dive in the art of speaking.  ​The world is waiting for you and your voice!


My definition of public speaking
The range of what people perceive as public speaking varies a lot. Basically public speaking to me means all the situations where two or more people speak with each other.

My story

When I was a child, I'd love to listen to radio broadcasts. I quickly discovered my fascination for the sound of people's voices.

At the age of fourteen, I knew that this was going to be my life-long passion and that I would make it my profession to work with people's voices. I began my journey working as a voice coach, vocal consultant, and speech therapist in 1993. I trained and coached many people all from different walks of life. Politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, public speakers, advocates.


Every time I'm still thrilled to hear the difference in their voice and see them become more confident speakers. It is my pleasure to be part of your journey to regain your full voice power.