Learn to control your voice

Why do you need to improve your voice quality?

The answer is quite simple. Because we are living in the internet world. You can find all the information you need on the internet. Keeping the attention has become nowadays much more about expressing your words in a way that people perceive you as trustworthy, an expert, or leader. I could write many more wonderful words but this is the essence.

Voice power the basics to go from voice mystery to voice mastery 

This training is for women who understand that increasing the quality of your voice is necessary for your growth a profession. You already know that your voice has much more potential than you utilize right now. Now it's time to harness the basics and start benefiting from the whole potential of your voice. This training will guide you through the basic skills which will enable you to keep your voice in control. When you want to develop a powerful voice, you are going to employ your whole body to serve your unique sound.


What will you learn?

- Improve your posture for good resonance

- How to improve your breathing technique as fuel for your voice

- Connect breath and voice to speak up in an efficient way


Part II Voicepower for a full voice

This training is an good option after you have finished Voicepower the basics or when you. Being able to utilize the basics will open the door for you to go a step further and improve features to emphasize your unique sound. With a better voice quality, you are going to add more value to your words in a very authentic way 

This training is for professionals who know the importance of their voice quality and are ready to advance their voice skills. Mastering your voice power will provide you with more features to utilize your voice as an instrument. Engage naturally with your listeners and hold their attention.

What will you learn?

- Speak with a bright and full bodied voice

- How to engage and convince

- Sound professional and attractive.


6  sessions in 6 successively weeks